Life lessons from Sitcom characters

In the days of the mighty old idiot box (a.k.a. the Television), sitcoms were created as a means of entertainment. A pre Netflix and Hulu era. And it was in those days, I fell in love with the art of binge-watching the sitcom.

Even though one watched them as a way to take a break from life, over time, their characters became parts of your lives. From the sense of fashion to their quirks, I’ve had an entire gamut of female sitcom characters I grew to love and closely identify with, and ones who ended up teaching me invaluable life lessons.

Here’s my list:

  1. serena-van-der-woodsenSerena van der Woodsen (Gossip Girl) : Your uniqueness, right from your sense of fashion to your life choices, is one to be celebrated. Every single life experience¬† – good, bad, ugly, pleasant is worth it. for it gives you stories to tell, when you’re older. Never let your past ever haunt your present. It’s okay to make mistakes, after all, isn’t that what being young is all about? Be bold, unapologetic, and follow your passions. Oh and in the end, marry for love and love only.


2. Rachel Greene (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) : Listen to your heart. Even if that means being a runaway bride, rooming in with your high school bestie, and falling in love with your high school crush all over again. Work your way up to the top, even if you’re Daddy’s rich spoilt girl. And it’s all right to wear your heart on your sleeve, and be emotional, and be vulnerable. But it’s the girls that listen to their feelings that get off that plane.



3. RSRobin Scherbatsky (How I Met Your Mother): What is life without a spirit of adventure? Be a fierce lady with ambition, for women who like scotches that are old enough to order their own scotches will never go out of style.Be unapologetic about your decisions and your choices. Whether it means leaving your home country to settle down in another, taking endless trips around the globe, and even living with five dogs. Yet, be very proud of where you come from.



4. Peggy Olsen (Mad Men)¬† : Women with talent, and ones that aren’t afraid to showcase them, are the best of them all. Coiffed hair, straightened skirts, and the perfect pout may be able to open doors, yet it is the woman with grit and capability that will get to stay in the room. Abilities trump appearances, always. The dark horse wins every race. Never, ever judge a book by its cover.




5. HGHermione Granger (Harry Potter series): Nothing is sexier than a woman with brains. And even sexier, is one who knows when and how to use them at the right time. When you find them, stead of labelling them as bossy, nerdy or geeky, hold on to them. Such women are lifesavers. And true friends.


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