#MeToo. MeToo. Metoo

For years


And generations

Our voices were hushed

Our spirits were silenced

Our souls were ravaged

As we were tasted and wasted

Abused and misused.

Scarred, even torn apart.


We were told to

Act, dress, talk, walk,

Even smile in a manner

that made us ‘lady-like’,

While our male counterparts,

Were ridiculed when they

displayed emotion.

Told they were behaving ‘like girls’.

Almost as if

It were an insult.


We were chided, reprimanded, rebuked

Told over, and over and over again

To behave, comply, obey.

Even as our hearts cried

Our honor faded

And respect for ourselves we lost.


But that era is now gone.

And we’ve risen

Like the sun

Not just to shine brightly

But to spread our wings and warmth

And show them the way. Our way.


No more will we

Accept what doesn’t

Value, respect or uplift us.

This isn’t a war

Of woman against man

But against an attitude

A mindset

And a label that screams

The weaker sex.

One where our gender

Allows us to be thought of

not as living, breathing humans

But mere objects.


Call it rebellion,



Whatever you like

This isn’t a fad

Its change,

that came late

but at least it did.

Its time, this change of thought

Finally comes through.

And in this, I’m with you


Me too

Me too

Me too


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