Why Box?

I’m no straight liner. Nothing in my life has ever been linear. Whether it’s my thought process, approach or story so far. I’ve thought ecosystemically for as long as I can remember. In circles. In threes. Interlinked thinking, I call it.

Which is why, when people ask me, “What do you do?” I have a problem with that.

I study, currently a full-time degree, but I’m a student for life. I nerd extensively, on a range of topics from Big Data to Design Thinking to Network Theory.  I write, both for a hobby and seriously.  A few pro bono consulting projects when I get the time. I compose poetry. Ensure I visit at least one art show or theatrical in a month. Travel when I can. Dabble in photography. Hope to make a documentary film someday. Stand up for causes that are important to me, read education, rural art promotion and Women’s rights.

Surely you can’t do all of that. Maybe you should narrow down and focus, they tell me

But how do I, when these are all passions and causes and activities that are equally important to me. And if you were to take away even one, I’d feel a void in my life.

You might think I’m distracting myself by doing too many things simultaneously. I, on the contrary, see all of my roles are different facets to my personality, coexisting in harmony, building off each other. My photography and poetry allow me to be creative when I’m writing marketing copy. My Excel skills help me keep track of my blog posts and publishing schedule. My travel and art expeditions give me a glimpse into lives and cultures I had no clue about, which I keep in mind when I’m building consumer strategies. You get the picture?

If there’s one thing I’d hate to do, it’d be to give myself one singular label. I can’t just be a consultant, or a product manager, or co-founder somewhere. Because I’m so much more than that. Call it multiple passion disorder.  But each of my pursuits complement, not substitute each other, each finding their own special place in my mind, heart and soul. And because they’re each a significant chapter in my story which I hoe to someday tell, I’m not letting go of any of them. Rather, building them stronger each day, with rigor, passion and enthusiasm




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