Finding the Raison d-etre


For everyone, in particular, us dreamers, overthinkers, and we-see-life-with-road-tinted-glasses-ers, life is one long/short journey. A quest. A search. And its paradoxical how along the course of this journey, the most precious find, is when you find yourself. Finding the person that you are. And discovering the person you eventually evolve to be. And I believe that what you eventually become is a beautiful culmination of what lay within you, combined with how external experiences affect and change you as a person. And they say that when you find yourself, you find the world.

Raison d’etre – they call it in French. The purpose of your existence. In other words, what you live for. I know the expression sounds poetic, even philosophical, but it does make sense. God didn’t use cookie cutters when he made us, and in a strange, weird manner, he did send us all to this planet with some specific, unique role in mind. To build bridges. To write books. To pain the town red. Or, if nothing else, to simply love, laugh, and smile. At this moment in life, my raison d’etre is to create, build and grow – possibly an entrepreneurial venture, some kind of philanthropic initiative and definitely, some great writing. Have I reached my destination so far as finding my raison d’etre is concerned? Will this be it lifelong, or will my raison d’etre evolve over time – I don’t have an answer.

My own  journey towards finding my raison d’etre has been anything but smooth. The road has been bumpy, rocky, slippery, messy even, but now in hindsight, all worthwhile. All because I’m a passion-driven person. If I’m not passionate about it, I can’t do it. Plenty of times along the journey, Ive had to lose myself only to find a better, newer, stronger version of me. And there’s nothing telling me that the journey’s ended. In fact, I have strong belief to believe that it only just started. And as the classic Robert Frost poem goes,”Miles to go before I  sleep.”

Speaking personally, my life vision & mission is to wake up to a better, stronger, perfect-er me everyday. And it truly is what keeps me going through both kinds of days, good and bad. On the good days, it reminds me of how far along I’ve come, and on my bad days, it tells me how the best is yet to come.

Follow thy passion, seems to be the motto of our generation. A hungry, curios, enthusiastic, rebellious, yet somewhat confused lot. So different from the more rationally driven ideologies our forefathers dwelled on. I wonder if at times we millennials are unnecessarily complicating our lives, with this entire ‘finding yourself’ theory. Why can’t we just lead our lives, treading safer paths and opting for done and dusted methods, instead of choosing to always build our own roads, break down barriers and find new ways of doing things. But then, this is the magic of the times we live in. Our generation. The fact that today, we live in the era of magicians, innovators, dreamers, storytellers and artists. We’re a creativity obsessed herd And creativity here doesn’t just translate to painting or music or literature. It means avoiding the run-of-the-mill, and building newer, innovative ways to what could essentially be the same destination.

And there’s no one way to find your raison d’etre. From personal experience, the process can be utterly chaotic. Even frustrating, more so because the person you’re dealing with here lies within you. And internal battles are tough. The battle between what you want to do versus what you should do. The former, says the heart and the latter, screams the mind. What I thinks works best is when your follow the heart, in a manner that involves the mind. But that’s not it. Once you do manage to find your raison d’etre, choosing the dedicate your life to this does require a lot of courage and internal strength. But once again, going against the grain, being the stereotype breaker and the trendsetter isn’t exactly easy. Though of course, anyone whose been there and done that, will live to tell the tale of how in the end, it was all worth it.



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