Self-Forgiveness, & why it’s important

I’m no simple person.  Honestly, I’ve always been an over-thinker, over critical and over analytical personality. And more often than not, too hard on myself. I set high expectations, have high self-demands, and get frustrated with myself easily. Maybe because I’m a growth oriented being, and I want myself to perform better with each day. Possibly because I’m borderline self-obsessed. And probably because I’m very self-driven.

When I don’t perform the way I thought I would, or when I don’t live up to my own standards, I get upset. And amidst all of this, I end up blaming myself. It’s a vicious cycle. Often one that annoys, troubles and frustrates me.

Which is when I learnt the art of self-forgiveness. And why it’s an important device for a healthier, happier, and fuller life.

We’re human, and we don’t come into this world with past experience of living, or how to lead ideal lives. We learn mostly through experience, some our own, some vicarious. And we make mistakes, our responsibility to ourselves is to forgive ourselves. To err is human, to forgive,divine. And I’d like to add to this that to self-forgive, heavenly. We have to go easy on ourselves. Something we often tend to forget in this demanding, unforgiving, rat-race driven world. We keep regrets and hold grudges, for wrong choices and decisions that we may have taken in the past. And while we may forgive the world, we’re hardest on ourselves.

Self-forgiveness is important, because it makes you lighter. And happier. And easier. And its a important device to wellbeing, something I myself realized relatively later on in life. Its critical for us as humans aspiring for better, well-led lives to learn, and profusely follow self-forgiveness, making it an indispensable practice. Because only if you’re happy and content with yourself, can you add value to your personal, professional and social network.





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